If you're considering datacenter simplification via hyperconverged architectures or just want to get up to speed on current trends, join us for this webinar hosted by Nutanix and Rubrik, featuring a guest speaker from Forrester Research, Senior Analyst Naveen Chhabra, to get:
  • Forrester’s take on the converged architecture landscape: what are the hot topics you need to know about?
  • A quick introduction to from Nutanix and Rubrik on their joint solution:
    • How to create an efficient and automated data center
    • How using an “invisible” hyperconverged infrastructure layer helps drive operational efficiency 
    • Why policy-driven solutions are critical
    • Why orchestrated workflows via RESTful APIs are the key to success
  • Stories from the data center as told by Steve Bunch -  Nutanix SE who’s deployed both Nutanix and Rubrik into production as a former customer of both vendors.
Featured Speakers:
  • Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Steve Bunch, Sales Engineer at Nutanix
  • Andrew Miller, Technical Marketing Manager at Rubrik