Learn how you can use VMware vSAN and Rubrik CDM to improve your readiness for the GDPR. Both VMware vSAN and Rubrik apply a policy based approach to data management, together these technologies can address some of the GDPR implications across your primary, backup, and archive data. Whether your organization has just started looking at GDPR compliance or if you are already well down the path, we will share some practical information around handling GDPR in a Software Defined Data Center, and Multi-cloud environment.

We will cover:
  • Using data encryption, both at-rest, and in-flight to safeguard your data 
  • Using an automated policy based approach to avoid user error and adhere to regulation 
  • How you can instantly recovery data by leveraging flash based storage in both the primary and backup environments 
  • How to rely on your backup system as the storage of last resort in fighting ransomware and complying with regulations

Presenter: Filip Verloy, Technical Marketing Engineer