Is your legacy backup renewal cycle coming up? Is a forklift upgrade about to turn your world upside down? Don’t let something strange happen in your data center. Meet Rubrik, backup and recovery built for the cloud era.

*Note: Kit contents may differ from illustration.

Get Your FREE* Backup Things Kit:

> Upside Down Tee: made it back from the Upside Down and all you got was this tee.

> Tube Socks: you'll need an extra pair since Rubrik will knock your socks off! 

> Casio Calculator Watch: it's a simple equation, You + Rubrik = 11.

> USB-Powered Lights: how else would you communicate from the Upside Down?

> Retro Button Set: dust off that sweet denim jacket and add some new flair

*This kit is intended for customers and prospects of Rubrik. Rubrik reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this offer at any time for any reason without notice.

Bipul Sinha
Founder & CEO

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Apologies, but we're fresh out of Backup Things Kits. Stay tuned for more cool swag kits from Rubrik.