Take the pain out of backup and recovery!

Are you feeling the pain of an overly complex and expensive backup and recovery solution? Do you suffer from symptoms like:

Outrageously expensive licensing and support structures?

Ridiculously complex architecture and policy management?

Super slow or even failed recoveries?

Suffer no more! Meet Rubrik. Rubrik takes the pain out of Backup & Recovery. Get our FREE Painkiller kit* to learn more! Kit Contains: 

First Aid Kit: we’ll help you patch up those complexity pain points.

Backup & Chill Pills: take a chill pill and enjoy your free time with Rubrik!

Cloud Therapy Bag: now that the Cloud is on your side, you can relax.

> “This is Fine” post-it pad: with your backup under control, you’ll never feel like this guy again!

*This kit is intended for customers and prospects of Rubrik. Rubrik reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this offer at anytime for any reason without notice.  

Bipul Sinha
Founder & CEO

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