While Rubrik has long supported multiple options for long term archive that often provide similar economics to tape with more flexibility and reliability, for some customers archiving to tape is an unavoidable legal or compliance requirement. This is particularly the case across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for customers in Finance, Energy, Defense, Media, and more. 

With version 4.0 and later, Rubrik natively integrates with QStar Archive Manager to provide tape archiving. QStar exposes a tape library via SMB from a Windows server, handles the proprietary drivers required to interface with tape libraries, and provides a custom TDO (Tape/Disk Object) le system to provide capabilities going beyond native LTFS. Write Once, Read Many (WORM) tape media is supported for compliance purposes and ransomware mitigation.

This technical white paper will allow you to learn more about:

  • Rubrik & QStar overviews
  • Integration Details
  • Configuration Steps
  • Restore Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions